Opening Night

The Cody Rivers Show Comes Back

Bellingham’s finest kicks off Sketchfest Seattle Comedy Festival tonight.

By Steve Wiecking September 21, 2009

The Cody Rivers guys give you a run for your money.

Seattle’s annual Sketchfest launches this evening—and opening night is choice, since it includes previews of the week’s upcoming acts plus a performance from The Cody Rivers Show. If you’ve seen Andrew Connor and Mike Mathieu in action, you probably already have your tickets. If you haven’t checked out these guys yet—get in line now. They’re creating the smartest, fastest, funniest comedy in the Northwest (and, I’ll bet, in the nation). Last time I saw this duo their breathless, whirlwind act went from a skit about two garage mechanics fixing a car while nonsensically using foreign phrases (i.e. "Hey, hand me that je ne sais quoi, will ya?") to a bit concerning a detective and his spider partner (a hand puppet) investigating stolen auto parts. Get to Theater Off Jackson early and put your name on a waiting list if tonight’s sold out and peruse what’s on tap for the rest of the week at

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