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Guitar Hero brings Kurt Cobain back from the dead. Ewww.

By Steve Wiecking August 28, 2009

I don’t play video games. I don’t much care for video games. I care even less for "virtual" recreations of human beings in video games. In fact, I find computer-generated people to be disturbing oxymorons, even if I did fall for that corny old Benjamin Button b.s. which transformed Brad Pitt into a cuddly lil geezer. Imagine my reaction to this:

Kinda gives you a shiver, don’t it?

Of course, Guitar Hero can do whatever it wants. Kurt Cobain is a hero to a lot of people who will be thrilled to control his every movement. And maybe Kurt Cobain would be thrilled with the results. It’s certainly the cleanest he’s ever looked, although I’m pretty sure cleanliness was never a Cobain goal.

But I was raised on Pong which, for those of you too young to remember or too old to admit, was nothing more than a series of white dots and dashes going boop boop boop in a video approximation of tennis. If I had been raised with, say, the chance to virtually roll around in baked beans with Ann-Margret I might feel differently right now about this whole Guitar Hero horror.

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