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Brüt ’79

Fly to the Eagle on Saturday night

By Steve Wiecking June 25, 2009

A quick bit of history in case anyone wants to question my journalistic integrity: I befriended DJ Mr. Smith at some point during his 14 years as the Eagle’s Friday night spin master; I liked his music way before I liked him.

Now on to business for Saturday, June 27 from 9pm to 2am.

While every other gay club on Capitol Hill will be busy playing Ciara or Justin Timberlake or Ciara and Justin Timberlake, the Eagle (314 E. Pike St) will be busting out the old school disco for Brüt ’79 courtesy DJ Mr. Smith—the sometime KEXP DJ and full-time, big-time music connoisseur. He’s been back at the Eagle with his new Brüt night every last Saturday of the month since April but he’s bringing out the big gay guns for June. He’ll give you some of what you expect, a lot of what you don’t, and I can guarantee you won’t have a better sweat that evening (well, maybe later that night you will…).

Seven bucks cover fee. Good and gaaaaaaaaaaaaay dance delirium.

If you’re man enough, here’s a preview I begged out of DJ Mr. Smith. This is the kind of vintage, take-me-as-I-am song many queers now are too busy building their white picket fences to embrace. I don’t have a fence and I can’t get enough of the tune. No one would dare record it today because the fierce, unbridled forthrightness it celebrates serves as punchline material today (we’ve come so far and yet…). It’s Carl Bean, a black artist on Motown, hollering about his homo happiness with a joyous religious fervor, backed by a disco beat and cooing female soul sisters: “I gotta tell the world about it. I feel good, yeah! I want the world to know! Help me Lord! Tell the world I was born this way!”


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