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Your best entertainment bets May 13 through May 17

By Steve Wiecking May 13, 2009

Mac (but not McVie?) is Unleashed in Tacoma.

Quit asking why it’s not called the Seattle International Children’s Festival anymore and just go poke around Giant Magnet at Seattle Center (it moves to Tacoma on Sunday and Monday). Although most of the promising lineup is just fine for adults, even the stuff aimed squarely at the kids has a trippy playfulness about it (i.e. The Very Hungry Caterpillar performed with black light puppetry).

Village Theatre is hauling out a big Showboat, which features some of the finest songs ever written for a musical yet requires delicate handling of dated if daring material. “Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man” is a classic but any show with dat in its lexicon presents a challenge. Read here later for a review.

And speaking of challenges, On the Boards hosts an Orgy of Tolerance, yet another over-the-top, European performance art epic. Jan Fabre, the show’s acclaimed creator, talked to Seattle Met’s Christopher Werner. Dat is small potatoes compared to this particular show’s lexicon.

Camille A. Brown and Makeda Thomas dance on Friday and Saturday. The last dance piece I saw that was presented by the CD Forum for Arts & Ideas—Nora Chipaumire’s stunning Chimurenga—earned them my trust.

Grady West, aka Seattle’s Dina Martina, has my trust where comedy is concerned and he’s a fan of the New York sketch trio Unitard. If they make Mr. West laugh, odds are good they’re funny.

Seattle Symphony has Gerhswin: His Rhapsody in Blue sounds as grand as it ever did live.

W.E.T. is screwing around with Shakespeare in a staging of Titus that’s been “adapted and re-imagined by the Ensemble.” Gulp. But you’ve got to admire the consistent ambitiousness of these usually cunning UW grads (and there are a couple of really solid local actors in this, too: David Hogan and Montana Von Fliss). Again, check this space later to see if they’ve messed around in an intriguing way or just messed up.

The Puppet Show opens at the Frye. Christopher Werner interviewed one of the artists.

Order some Fleetwood Mac on Saturday but, apparently, put the McVie on the side: Based on the publicity photo for the Unleashed tour in Tacoma, Christine’s not around. Maybe there’s only so much Stevie a gal can take. Don’t blame her. Would still take a ticket. Anyone?

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