Rossdale brightened up the Market last summer. (courtesy Ryan Schierling)

Gavin Rossdale plays the Showbox at the Market tonight. The former Bush front man still sounds good. He looks even better. Thoughtful guy, too: I got to walk through Pike Place Market with him last summer then take in his gig at Showbox SoDo. Forget the pretty boy stuff. He’s a man now.

Though he’s been somewhat usurped by superstar wife Gwen Stefani in the hype department, he’s holding his own touring in support of his Wanderlust solo CD. The album’s full of accessibly mopey sentiment—if Grey’s Anatomy hasn’t played it to death yet they’ve missed a bet—and scored an adult contemporary hit with “Love Remains the Same.” Rossdale mentioned to me how odd it felt to have an adult contemporary hit (it made him feel old, I think). But if you’re worried that’s all you’ll get out of him in concert I can promise you he’s smart enough to know people want to hear the Bush songs as well. He told me that anyone who’d had a series of hits ought to show the fans a good time; he didn’t cheat anyone at last summer’s appearance.

Did I mention how good he looks? (I know. I’ve got to stop that. But try sitting next to him in the Seattle sun and see how well you do.)

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