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The Goonies get a Brown Derby

By Steve Wiecking April 21, 2009

Steven Spielberg has a lot to answer for. (courtesy Warner Home Video)

You can’t call it art. Entertainment? Hmmm. That’s best left to the beer of the beholder.

I’m talking about the Brown Derby Series at Re-bar (1114 Howell St). If you haven’t yet taken in a Brown Derby show, tonight (through Thursday, April 23) could be the perfect opportunity for you—particularly if you’re a child of the ‘80s. The Brown Derby company gathers some of the finest comic talents of the Seattle fringe theater scene (and the occasional game, good-natured appearance by someone who can’t act his/her way out of a paper bag) for vaguely rehearsed, affectionate but wildly irreverent staged readings of the screenplays to popular movies.

Starting tonight, the gang’s going after The Goonies, one of many "Steven Spielberg presents" pieces of gunk—some lovably angst-ridden suburban kids stumble on a pirates treasure—that got cranked out in the 1980s to cash in on Spielberg’s fame. To be fair, if you were an angst-ridden suburban kid in the 1980s it probably stirs up sweet memories. And the film’s cast includes future stars like Sean Astin and Josh Brolin.

More importantly, by the time the Brown Derby stars finish their version of the tale, you’ll likely have finished several beers—frankly, the cast may also have finished several beers—and discovered a new fondness for both the movie and the people on stage showing you how to get a good laugh out of a bad joke.

The night costs $14 and you should be there when the doors open at 6:30 because when the show starts at 7:30 I can almost guarantee that it will be packed.

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