Neighborhoods by the Numbers interactive real estate chart

With things turbulently changing in today’s economic world, it’s hard to know what to do when it comes to one of the biggest investments: Real estate. In this guide, Seattle Met senior editor Matthew Halverson talks to homeowners directly affected, as well as professionals in the field, to determine the best possible advice for various situations facing many a homeowner today.

Outgrowing Your Current Home: What to do if you’re thinking of upgrading to a bigger house, and whether you should buy now or wait for the market to improve.

Low Interest Rates: Does the fact that interest rates are low make it the right time to refinance? Let this answer that question.

Buying a Condo: With so many unsold, many wonder if it’s a risk purchasing a condo now. Read this and see for yourself.

First-Time Home Buyers: Is now the time for those wanting to purchase their first house to do it? Real estate newbs, read up and find out.

Why Does the Thought of Becoming a Homeowner make Me Feel Crazy?: Why doesn’t it?

Lease-to-Purchase: What it is, as well as who it’s the best option for.

Short Sells: What they are, and whether it’s a good idea to get involved in one.

Determining the Right Time to Sell: Whether or not today’s market makes it the worst time to sell a house.

Underwater Loans: What to do when you can’t swim your way out of housing loan debt.