Girl Can Sing

You Can Tell Everybody…

…that this is her song.

By Steve Wiecking February 27, 2009

They’ve been pulling down a lot of the Kennedy Center tributes from YouTube so I thought I’d post this one before it disappears. It’s obviously still up because it’s taped from someone’s TV (you can see the CBS insignia in the corner of the screen). But it’ll send you out into the weekend grinning or crying (I’m a crier, I’ll admit it). This is the wondrous Heather Headley paying loving respect to Elton John—she’d been in his Broadway shows Aida and The Lion King—with a generous performance of "Your Song" that somehow makes it both his song and hers. Look for Annette Bening (Warren Beatty was also saluted that night) beaming in the balcony and for Elton’s partner putting a hand on his shoulder while Elton’s eyes dart nervously for a second because, for some reason, he thought he should hold back his tears:

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