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Lynn Shelton Is Having a Great Year

My Effortless Brilliance? No kidding.

By Steve Wiecking February 19, 2009

Apparently, these guys are brilliant (photo courtesy Elie Goral)

Sure, everybody wants an Oscar but an Independent Spirit Award is nothing to scoff at, either. Seattle filmmaker Lynn Shelton, hot off a fantastic reception at Sundance with a different kind of buddy flick, is nominated in the Someone to Watch category at the indie ceremony for her fractured male friendship contemplation My Effortless Brilliance. She certainly has the publicity edge (oh, so you’ve seen her competition Medicine for Melancholy and Sita Sings the Blues, have you? Right). Whatever happens when the winner is announced this Saturday—and let’s wish her the best—I’ll bet Shelton’s Facebook friend requests are out of control: "Hey, Lynn, remember me? I met you at that workshop several years ago and sort of ignored you but always wished we’d connected? Let’s talk!"

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