Check Your History: A Cultural Flashback

It Could, In Fact, Be Magic

Lynda Carter Has Large Lungs

By Steve Wiecking January 9, 2009

The two things I’m most often asked as a distinguished man of arts and letters are, of course, 1) How does one come to appreciate high culture?; and 2) Can one come to appreciate high culture without sacrificing the occasional gaze at superfluous boobies?

People, please. Check your history. Does no one use the Internet to explore the past that is weeping right under their fingertips? Let this be the first of many posts to introduce you to the high culture of our yesterdays—and, okay, yes, the occasional gaze at superfluous boobies:

Ain’t culture transfixing? As you’ve learned, classical music has had a big influence on what we hear today. Assuming we can tear our eyes away from Wonder Woman’s superfluous boobies circa 1980. This was back in the day, folks, when superfluous boobies didn’t need a wardrobe malfunction to steal focus. And the F.C.C. certainly never fined anyone for superfluous boobies, especially if said beauties were surrounded by child prodigies playing classical music to accompany a tune featuring the plea, "Baby, I want you now, now, now and hold on fast." Like I said: Check your history.

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