Foxes and Dutchesses

Local Bands Gain National Renown

By Steve Wiecking January 13, 2009

Seattle Met writer (and Portland Monthly senior editor) Bart Blasengame was, obviously, not alone when he took a tour through Sub Pop’s history last June in our magazine and saw that, looking forward, "it is the sweet golden hour for Fleet Foxes." (well, he called them the Fleet Foxes—or, ahem, perhaps an editorial gaffe did—but, please, does anyone remember that the Bangles were actually just Bangles? Sorry, Bart, I know I’m only making it worse…).

In what has proved to be a great year for Seattle music, Sub Pop’s latest local It band has reached yet another It plateau. Here’s a bit of the press release:

New York, NY—January 9, 2009—"Saturday Night Live" launches into 2009 with its second show of the month, featuring one of today’s hottest film actresses, Rosario Dawson, along with musical guest Fleet Foxes, making their "SNL" debuts on NBC January 17 at 11:30 p.m. ET…Joining Dawson is the five-piece Seattle based Indie rock band Fleet Foxes, whose self-titled debut album ranked first on Billboard’s (Critics’ Choice) top albums of 2008…

I left out Rosario Dawson’s bio, which itself left out the fact that she was featured in Oliver Stone’s Alexander engaged in the kind of sexual foreplay that could’ve turned any Macedonian conqueror gay. She looked like she was going to eat Colin Farrell (I wish she had, because Jared Leto was getting nowhere with him, anyway).

Less publicized but equally worthy of mention is the shout-out the Dutchess and the Duke, whom we profiled last October, recently earned from Rolling Stone. They were in its December 25 issue—the one with Brad Pitt sporting a Quentin Tarantino-induced moustache (Brad’s starring in Q’s WWII masterpiece, which I hope takes us inside the tense, sweaty, little-known world of the soldier’s barracks, where men without women find themselves strangely compelled to…Wait, where was I?).

In the Charts section at the back of the magazine, the Hardly Art (a Sub Pop imprint) release She’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke ranks No. 4 on the top-selling albums at, of all places, Square Records in Akron, OH. Rolling Stone spotlights it with the blurb: "This Seattle boy-girl duo channel Aftermath-era Stones and have scored late-night spins on MTV2 with their strummy heartbreak jam, ‘Mary.’"

I love Jesse Lortz and Kimberly Morrison’s album, especially "Mary," and can’t wait to see them on Saturday Night Live. Trust me, it’ll happen. In the meantime, enjoy the video for "Mary," (which, in what I presume is a metaphor for a failed relationship, includes some silly blood-and-guts stuff and faux sexual romping, just in case you’re bothered by such things):

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