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It’s Just A Little Gold Man

A list of things to consider about the 2009 Oscar nominations

By Steve Wiecking January 22, 2009

Kevin Costner has one, okay?

1) Ghost was once nominated for Best Picture so, really, how worked up can we get about these things?
2) If Mickey Rourke trumps Sean Penn, I’m moving to Canada.
3) You know what, Benjamin Button haters? I cried like a little girl so shut up already.
4) I worship Madame Jolie, but I did not watch Changeling thinking she needed an Oscar. I watched it thinking she needed a sandwich. Bad.
5) Can we furtively agree that everybody competing against Heath Ledger gave a better performance than him?
6) Quick—sing any one of the nominees for Best Song.
7) I said shut up already about Benjamin Button!
8) Thank god they remembered Spielzeugland.
9) Robbed: Emile Hirsch for Milk. If he’s not gay in real life, that kid is a genius.
10) Oh, right, like you weren’t at all moved when Brad Pitt was the baby closing his eyes in Cate Blanchett’s arms?

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