Photo via Altstadt's Facebook page.

Brendan McGill says he has sold his shares in Altstadt, the German-style beer hall in Pioneer Square that opened last year. His original partners Lex Petras and Ward Van Allen are now sole owners. Altstadt was the brainchild of Petras, who worked with McGill at Hitchcock at the time.

As is generally the case, both sides declined to go into much detail, leaving us with statements like McGill’s, that “the business partnership just didn’t work out.” The chef says he's been spending a lot of time working on his Bainbridge Island farm and is eager to return all his energies to Hitchcock and his upcoming deli in Georgetown.

Though some of the food that came along with McGill will no longer be on the menu, Van Allen says there won’t be any enormous changes to overall lineup of brats and seasonal salads.

Allen says all is well at Altstadt and the beer hall is “moving forward” with new developments like late-night food Thursday through Saturday, and plans to add brunch. Megan Coombes has been heading up the kitchen for about a month now, replacing Hitchcock alum James Pech.


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