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Getting DeAndre’d at Valentine’s

Two local kids, with the help of Golazo, get the haircuts of a lifetime.

By Jeremy Buben October 31, 2014

This is going to sound a bit weird, but watching Seattle Sounders FC star DeAndre Yedlin get a haircut could become a thing. Last Wednesday Yedlin was at Valentine’s Men’s Grooming Salon, but he wasn’t there for just a routine haircut. Rather, he and a small media circus were all there to watch winners of the Golazo ‘Get DeAndre’d’ contest get full-on styled—and DeAndre’d really is the only way to describe such a thing.

Jake Prodzinski, 15. and Alex Cooper, 12, not only received tickets to a soccer match, but they also got to hang with Yedlin and get the out-there style that their sports hero is known for. Not a bad excuse to skip school. “You’ve got to get designs, that’s why you’re here,” owner Thaddeus Valentine told Cooper as a fellow barber diligently picked out the boy’s impressive afro. Yedlin was right next to the chair, conversing with both boys and the barber. Family and friends lounged in the leather sofas nearby lobbing questions at Yedlin while Valentine and his team worked with complete concentration at the barber chairs.

Alex Cooper

Image: Golazo

Valentine, proprietor of the upscale salon located on a sleepy stretch of Greenwood Avenue has been cutting Yedlin’s hair for years. As the first homegrown player on the Sounders’ roster, DeAndre has lived in Seattle most of his life and has also been a client of Valentine since age three. Today he’s 21. He says he requested a lightning bolt shaved into his hair on his first visit; 18 years later he gets completely custom haircuts on a biweekly basis—that’s right: every other week—that take three to seven hours to complete.


Jake Prodzinski

Image: Golazo

After the young men were finally brushed off and the protective salon capes removed they gazed into the full-length mirrors. Alex was sporting a perfectly shaped fro with speed lines shaved above each ear. Jake had a wild mess of bleached blond hair as if blown by a strong wind complimented with nothing short of stylized eyebrows. Both boys now sport designs Yedlin is renown for. And with only the addition of a couple of number 17 soccer jerseys they’ll have some very original Halloween costumes this year.


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