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By Kristen Farnam September 11, 2014

For Today

SR-520 Open House

The City of Seattle and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) are holding a public meeting about updated designs for the new Portage Bay Bridge, Montlake lid, and multimodal connections around the corridor. New renderings will feature options for pedestrian and bicycle paths along the corridor.

Staff will also provide information about the progress of the floating bridge. 

SR-520 Open House, Thu, Sept 11, 4:30–7pm, Montlake Community Center, 1618 E Calhoun St, free

For Friday

Thom Hartmann: Money, Politics, and Saving Our Democracy

Author Thom Hartmann will speak on the current economic and political climate. His book, The Crash of 2016, discusses his idea of the next “great crash.”

Hartmann's focus? The lack of moral standards in the country right now. 

Thom Hartmann: Money, Politics, and Saving Our Democracy, Fri, Sept 12, 7:30–10pm, Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave, $15–$20 

For Saturday

Golden Gardens Work Party

Golden Gardens is a popular Ballard destination for families and beachgoers. Join Green Seattle Partnership in this monthly work party to keep the park in tip-top shape.

Like many forest areas in Seattle, the park is susceptible to invasive species that take over native plants. Today's work will involve weeding these and planting native species in their place. 

Golden Gardens Work Party, Sat, Sept 13, 9am–noon, Golden Gardens Park, 8300 Golden Gardens Dr NW, free

Advance Notice for September 25

An Expert’s Guide to Medical Marijuana

Michael Backes will be speaking about his book, Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana, and also discuss his vision of the future of cannabis in this country. Backes is head of research and development for the medical marijuana clinic Abatin Wellness Center, and also founded Cornerstone Collective, California’s first research-based medical cannabis collective.

Although Seattle began selling recreational marijuana earlier this summer, almost all other U.S. states only allow marijuana usage for medicinal reasons. Many studies have shown that marijuana can ease symptoms for patients with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, and more.

An Expert’s Guide to Medical Marijuana, Thu, Sept 25, 7:30–8:45pm, Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5

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