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For anyone seeking a G-rated way to celebrate Mardi Gras, consider the carnival season's braided cake, iced in green and purple and yellow. Take the slice with the hidden fève (usually a plastic or ceramic baby) and you'll be hosting next year's party.

Byen Bakeri
Along with kringles and croissants, this Scandinavian-inspired Queen Anne spot offers a coffee cake version with almond paste for $19.

Where Ya At Matt
Catch this food truck roaming around the area and grab a slice along with some other Creole tastings. Slices of the plain cake are $4 and available at all locations. Email [email protected] 24 hours in advance to order a whole cake for $35.

Same as above at WYAM's new brick-and-mortar sibling. But if you unearth a tiny plastic baby while eating a slice in the restaurant, you get a free order of beignets—or another slice of king cake.

Belle Pastry
The east side bakeries refer to its version as a "Galette des Rois," made with crispy, buttery crust and almond filling. The whole shebang serves about 16. Note: the baby feve is not to be consumed (in case you were unclear). Order one for $25 online or call 425-289-0015. Orders can be picked up in-store or delivered for an additional fee.

Bakery Nouveau 
Don’t worry about chipping your tooth on the baby here. Slices of the traditional cake are available in-store, with no feve included. Want a whole one to eat at home? No judgement. Call 48 hours in advance for a $24 cake that serves about eight. Be sure request it with baby, or you’ll be on the hook for the party again next year. 

Sugar Bakery and Cafe
Cakes come with either bourbon pecan pralines or vanilla cream cheese filling, both made with rich brioche dough. The crew is cranking them out until March 8. Order a whole cake that serves 12 for $37.50 or get a slice in the bakery on Fridays.

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