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Cheap Week Seattle: Feb 24–Mar 2

Fuzzy synth pop, the 26th annual Seattle Bike Expo, and the greatest movie leads of all time jammed into one film: the best ways to spend your week without spending much.

By Jeremy G. Novak February 22, 2014

A conglomeration of cinema’s greatest leads used to play just two characters. Image via 'Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen' trailer.

The closing ceremonies in Sochi yesterday marked the end of the costliest Olympics in history. Though not the most important controversy of these games, that’s definitely something to find fault with.  We’ve put together a list of winter events all more exciting than curling and all easy on the wallet. Furthermore, we’re pretty confident all five will open when they’re supposed to. 

Monday-Thursday, Feb 24-27
Final Cut: Ladies & Gentlemen
After three years of editing over 450 films, Hungarian director György Pàlfi created a unified love story of the ideal man and woman with the lead roles played by actors ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Jackie Chan. This incredibly unique feature comes to SIFF Uptown for a very limited showing. He being funny like Woody Allen yet decisive like James Bond, she aloof like Greta Garbo but lovely as Sophia Loren,  these characters combine all of cinema’s best traits. SIFF Uptown, $8-$13.

Thursday, Feb 27
‘Slate’ presents The Audio Book Club: ‘Slaughterhouse-Five’
Mark your calendar for the upcoming live podcast discussion of Kurt Vonnegut’s classic work Slaughterhouse-Five, or if you’ve become somewhat unstuck in time, hopefully you’ve already attended. Led by the editor of the Slate Book Review, Dan Kois, with returning critic Hanna Rosin and author Hugh Howey (of the bestselling Wool series) this popular podcast will discuss the book’s themes like war, revenge, and refuting linear time. Sure to be, or have already been, an enlightening discussion. Town Hall, $10.

Thursday, Feb 27
Toothy Grin presents: The Hoot Hoots
The Hoot Hoots’ music is unapologetically fun, almost defiantly so as they sing and chant about everything from talking to robot and dolphins to playing Katamari Damacy all day. We honored their album Feel the Cosmos as album of the month in 2012, so don’t miss their joyous fuzzed out power pop as they take the stage in a round robin style show with the Jesus Rehab and Julia Massey and the Five Finger Discount. Tractor Tavern, $6.

Friday, Feb 28
A Perfect Pairing at AWP: Pike Brewery Tour and Poetry
A free poetry reading with authors giving insight into the stories behind their poems is an event worth attending. Even more so when it’s at a brewery. A Perfect Pairing will kick off with a tour of Pike Brewery before poets Nicole Callihan and Terence Degnan read and discuss their respective works SUPERLOOP and The Small Plot Beside the Ventriloquist’s Grave. There will likely be an opportunity to toast their talents afterwards. Pike Brewery, Free.

Saturday & Sunday, March 1 & 2
Seattle Bike Expo
For two days, Seattle Bike Expo takes over the massive Smith Cove Cruise Terminal and turns it into a biking wonderland. Whether you’re an every day commuter, casual Tour de France fan, or elite rider (who thinks you’re in the Tour de France), Seattle Bike Expo has something for everyone, including appearances by pro cyclists, presentations from industry experts, gear outfitters, biking manufacturers, writers, tour groups, and more. Smith Cove Cruise Terminal, $10 or $12 for both days.


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