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Cheap Week Seattle: Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Events Feb 17–23

Movie trivia, a 'Twin Peaks' themed chess night, and movies so bad you actually should see them: the best ways to spend your week without spending much.

By Jeremy G. Novak February 17, 2014


Image via 'Exterminator City' trailer. Low-budget special effects are another draw to remarkably awful films.

Our nation’s founding father set many precedents and left behind a legacy full of admirable qualities: bravery, lawfulness, honesty, and rationality. But George Washington was also incredibly frugal. He educated himself instead of going to college for example, and that story about throwing a silver dollar across the Potomac? Total myth. Here’s a list of events that would make him proud.

Monday, Feb 17
Kung Fu Grindhouse
Breathtaking cinematography, Oscar-caliber performances, and well-written scripts are all reasons to see a film, but they’re guaranteed to be absent from Kung Fu Grindhouse. Showing the most delightfully terrible movies imaginable, this rendition will feature some real train wrecks but most notably Exterminator City in which a robot exterminator (played by a puppet) switches victims and begins a murderous rampage.  Sometimes you can’t look away for all the worst reasons. Sunset Tavern, free.

Tuesday, Feb 18
Fail Your Way to Success
Don’t feel bad about mistakes you’ve made— they were all clearly just preparation. Megan McArdle claims early failures are essential to future success by examining successful companies, bankruptcy, and numerous personal accounts in her book The Up Side of Down: Why Failing Well is the Key to Success. Hear about what you can and should learn from past failures and exactly what it means to “fail well”. Town Hall, $5.

Wednesday, Feb 19
MovieCat Trivia
Who directed Raging Bull? Can you name all four ghostbusters? How much money did Marion Crane steal from her boss in Psycho? If you can answer any of these questions then you should probably put your movie knowledge to good use. Some version of movie or television trivia happens each month at Central Cinema, but MovieCat offers the best opportunities to show off general knowledge. Central Cinema, $6.

Thursday, Feb 20
Bushwick Book Club: Music Inspired by ‘Frankenstein’
The Bushwick Book Club brings another dose of music inspired by great books with Mary Shelley’s classic tale of reanimation, love, loss, and what it means to be human. Hear tunes these talented musicians crafted after reading Frankenstein for this increasingly popular new intersection of music and literature. Of course it helps to read or reread the work to help connect the songs to chapters. Center House Theater, free.

Friday, Feb 21
Twin Peaks Chess Night
The strange surreal “humor” of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s critically acclaimed series, delicious drinks, and chess. Arabica Lounge hosts its Twin Peaks chess night and will be playing episodes throughout the evening for players and spectators alike. Everything there is damn good food, but of course the cherry pie in particular is worth a stop. Arabica Lounge, free. 


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