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Cheap Week Seattle: Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Events Feb 10–16

Nature as it should be, readings on love, and the most romantic candy-loving palindromic surf rock band in Seattle: the best ways to spend your week without spending much.

By Jeremy G. Novak February 10, 2014

Image via SIFF website

They say money can’t buy you love, so don’t feel too bad reading a Cheap Week column before Valentine’s Day as long as you have something in your pocket. Anything involving Fox News is probably pretty bad for setting the mood (unless bombastic political discourse gets you going), but essays on love, noir films, and danceable poppy surf rock are perfect dates. You can call them creative, you can maybe call them romantic, you can definitely call them cheap.  

Monday, Feb 10
A Night of Modern Love
Daniel Jones is a bit of an authority on love, or at least on writing and thinking about it with the 50,000 stories he’s received as the editor of the New York Times’s Modern Love column. He’ll read from his new work Love Illuminated, and introduce Seattle authors Nicole Hardy, Theo Pauline Nestor, and Wilson Diehl a former Seattle Met listings editor and prolific writer on love and beyond. Richard Hugo House, $5. 

Wednesday Feb, 12
How Fox News and Roger Ailes ‘Divided a Country’
There are many institutions and individuals that have had a hand in creating the intense political polarization in our country, but none so heavy or influential as Fox News. Roger Ailes media empire began in 1996 with impressive efficiency. Authors Gabriel Sherman and Timothy Egan examine this one man’s incredible influence and the ways he has divided our nation. Townhall, $5.

Thursday Feb, 13
Noir City Opening Night
Dark rooms, espionage, wisps of smoke, glimpses of silhouettes in alleyways, a woman you should stay away from but can’t; how can anyone avoid the intrigue of film noir? SIFF Uptown kicks off the 2014 Noir City festival with a double feature of Journey Into Fear and The Third Man. Come walk the red carpet and hear introductions from renowned noir expert Eddie Muller. SIFF Cinema Uptown, $10-$15 double feature.  

Friday Feb 15
Tacocat Album Release Party
The candy stoners of Tacocat know how to craft a fun pop song out of just about any subject: Tonya Harding, cats, Magic Eye images, anarchy, periods, etc. To celebrate its new record NVM, the band hosts a Valentine's Day party at Chop Suey. So take a date and dance along or go stag and let the album fill the hole in your rejected heart with unmitigated bliss. Chopsuey, $5-$8. 

Feb 15-17
Free Entrance to National Parks
For President’s day weekend all National Parks will be free entrance. We’re incredibly lucky to have two within hours of Seattle. Head to Olympic National Park for terrain varying from mountains to meadows to tide pools, or go for an up-close look at the ever-looming peak on our horizon at Mount Rainier National Park. All national parks, Free.

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