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Favorite Things: Danell George of Ba Bar

This talented not-a-cronut baker loves cocoa powder, sleep, her wedding ring, and her iPhone (though probably not in that order).

By Genie Leslie December 26, 2013

When she’s not baking Double Happiness and other pastries at Ba Bar (and you’ll know if she’s not because the pastry making takes place right by the front door), Danell George might be found woodworking, knitting, or rebuilding a shed at home. "I just love to make things," she says. And if you're wondering, the shed is intended for housing chickens and starting her own small urban farm.

Originally from Idaho and educated at the Art Institute here in Seattle, George stepped in at Ba Bar right at the height of Seattle’s cronut (and naming-the-cronuts-that-aren’t-cronuts) craze. They may not have a line out the door for their much-loved and newly named Double Happiness, but they sell out of the delicious pastries every day.

Here, a few of Danell George's favorite things:

Dish to make at home: Soup. It's so easy and versatile. 

Item on the Ba Bar menu: The vegetarian vermicelli bowl rocks my world!

Secret ingredient: Cocoa powder. It makes chocolate so much darker and on its own makes things taste like a fudgecicle. Win-win.

Banned from your kitchen: Shortening.

Place to drink on a day off: My couch!

Hangover remedy: Sleep, breakfast, and more sleep.

Recently splurged on: My wedding ring! We had it made out of my husband’s grandma's ring. I LOVE IT!

Can’t live without: My iPhone and my bicycle—but never at the same time.

Lunch spot: Samurai Noodle. Best ramen in the city.

The difference between a cronut and Double Happiness is…I'm not exactly sure because I have never had a cronut but it looks like the cronut is rolled in sugar before it is glazed. We don't do that at Ba Bar. Also, we offer two flavors on the days we make them (Saturday and Sunday), while they offer one for the entire month. They charge $5, and we charge $3.50. Otherwise, they look pretty similar. 

Craziest work story that can be committed to print: I was working at La Panzanella and someone I recognized who was starting a bakery came in and offered my co-worker money to purchase our customer list. I was so mad. I told my boss and she called him and yelled at him. I can't say who did this because he actually owns a bakery now. Not cool! 


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