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Cheap Week Seattle: Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Events Dec 16–22

Ice skating, eclectic cover bands, laughs, and swing music Sunday: the best ways to spend your week without spending much.

By Jeremy G. Novak December 16, 2013

An ice skating session at the Winterfest Ice Rink

Image: Joe Crecca

In case front row at The Nutcracker is a little out of your price range (or in case most else is after that) we’ve got you covered for inexpensive entertainment. This week’s cheap picks span the gamut from orthodox holiday fun to a creative seasonal stretch to a truly bizarre outliner.

All Week
Winterfest Ice Rink

There’s no snow or icy temperatures coming up this week, but the Winterfest Ice Rink at Seattle Center is open daily for ice skating of all levels. Stop by for this essential holiday fun with skate rentals included before stepping back out into far-from-freezing temperatures. Isn’t this the best of both worlds? Fisher Pavillion, $7.

Wednesday, Dec 18
The Unlimited Horrors

What do a Rocky Erickson tribute band, a Misfits tribute band and a Taylor Swift tribute band have in common? Mainly just that they’ll all be playing at Chop Suey this Wednesday. Come see The Unlimited Horrors, Underworld Scum and Ex-Girlfriend pay tribute in a night of psychedelic rock, demonic power chords, and then also all the "misery" and "magic" of feeling 22. Chop Suey, $5.

Thursday, Dec 19
Jen Seaman

From America’s Got Talent to Bumbershoot, local comedian Jen Seaman has rightfully been gaining notoriety. Performing a full 90-minute set, she’ll share her dark humor with an “adorable” delivery and cover her peculiar childhood and obsessive mother. The two drink minimum is required at the venue, but is not at all necessary for finding this rising star hilarious. The Comedy Underground, $10.

Friday, Dec 20
Holiday Rap

Improv and the holidays really go hand in hand; there are last minute gift ideas and quick excuses for avoiding more prolonged family time (didn’t we just have Thanksgiving?) Seattle improvisers will be incorporating suggestions from the audience into their rap about a completely new holiday, so you can not only witness but participate in this unique live show. Ballard Underground, $10.

Sunday, Dec 22
Easy Street Band

Ease out your Sunday at Tula’s Jazz Club with the 9-piece jazz and swing Easy Street Band. Performing from 4–7, the band will break out their repertoire of jazz classics as well as swing, samba, rumba and cha cha. A perfect way to relax after watching the Seahawks smoke the Cardinals. Tula’s Jazz Club, $5.

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