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Sigi Schmid Needs to Strip

But not all the way

June 15, 2009

Can we talk about Sigi Schmid for a quick sec? When it comes to career achievements — only the second MLS coach to win 100 games, led the L.A. Galaxy and Columbus Crew to MLS Cups, has the rookie Sounders club playing like a seasoned franchise — it’s hard to hate on the Sounders FC coach. But it’s no longer possible to ignore the infinitely more controversial — not to mention important — topic that dominates conversation whenever his name comes up. I’m talking, of course, about his sideline attire. (OK, so it only comes up in conversations to which I am a party.)

If you watched Saturday night as the Sounders’ beat the San Jose Earthquakes and made their first foray back into the win column after a six-week drought, you might have noticed that ole’ Siegfried was wearing a heavy coat and a scarf. And if you’ve watched any of the team’s other games this season, you may have noticed that this is what he always wears, to which I say, "Dude, winter is over. Put the parka in the closet and bust out some short sleeves."

OK, so I’m overreacting a tad to Sigi’s sideline sartorial choices, but considering the fact that Seattleites seem to enjoy wearing shorts in 40-degree weather, his insistence on bundling up even when the mercury hovers in the mid-70s — like it was doing on Saturday — is off-putting.

I’d like to post a poll asking you readers at what point he might lose the layers and start soaking up the sun, but unfortunately I don’t have the technological know-how to do that, so I’ll just ask the question: How hot is it going to have to get before Sigi starts to wear short sleeves to the pitch?

Image via Seattle Times

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