Seattleites Sitting in Cars

What’s the deal?

By Christopher Werner April 9, 2009

I moved here about a year ago from Madison, WI (holla, Badgers!), and I’ve since observed a thing or two about Seattle: The proliferation of dogs, the even greater proliferation of "I’m-so-hip-but-don’t-call-me-a-hipster" hipsters, the lack of a formal dress code (or any dress code, for that matter), and the fact that, no, Seattle isn’t as rainy as outsiders suppose.

But there’s still one thing I can’t wrap my head around: What’s up with all the people just sitting in their cars? I swear every time I head to QFC, happy hour, or make my way home from work, I encounter three or four people parked, just chilling in the driver’s seat, seemingly doing nothing. I’ve come up with some possible reasons—they’re looking for directions on the iphone, the song on the radio is too good to pass up, taking a breather before picking up the kids—but still, I’m stumped.

So you tell me—am I making this up? Has anyone else noticed this? Is the car where the real party’s at? Really, Seattleites, What are you doing?

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