An "I-phone" Incident

Your relationship with your iphone isn’t just weirdly obsessive, it could be making you a crime target too.

By Jessica Voelker April 2, 2009

I’ll be the first to admit I have an iphone addiction issue. Everywhere I go—bed, bath, and beyond—my iphone goes with me. And I’m clearly not alone: out on the street, everywhere you look there are people peering down at their silverly little gadgets—when they should be watching traffic signals and stuff—like they held the secrets to the universe.

So I was alarmed to read this recent UW Police Report from March 27th, (in which the author keep referring to it as an “I-phone,” which I find oddly cute). “At approximately 2:35 p.m., a male UW student was walking near N.E. 41st Street and Brooklyn Ave N.E. talking on his I-phone, when he was approached by four male suspects and two female suspects who initially walked past the victim. Two of the male suspects then approached the victim from behind and one of them grabbed the victim’s I-phone while the other began striking the victim in the face. After stealing the I-phone, the suspects ran northbound on Brooklyn Avenue then westbound on N.E. 42nd Street.”

Violent robbery? At 2:30 in the afternoon? Over an iphone? Yikes. The Shazam app is pretty cool and all, but wow. So I say this with no intention of blaming the victim, but in the interest of keeping us all safe: if you’re walking down the street and you’re not surrounded by other Apple apostles bewitched by their Bejeweled games, consider pocketing your phone friend long enough to get home safely.

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