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BabyLegs’ Arrested Development

Hard times in the textiles-for-tots business.

By Jessica Voelker March 4, 2009

What a difference a year makes. When, last March, I visited local company BabyLegs for Seattle Met’s 14 Hottest Companies feature, business was booming. CEO Nicole Donnelly had 23 people on the payroll and was looking to hire more.

Today, I learned from this KUOW report, she’s down to a staff of nine, battling with banks over a frozen credit line, and deeply indebted to a friend who has helped keep the company afloat.

It’s a particularly poignant story because many of the employees I met at BabyLegs were moms who were able to work there because of Donnelly’s policy of allowing babies and kids to come to work with their parents. Here’s hoping the tiny textile company comes out on the other end.

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