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Safeco executive chef David Dekker knew he’d done well with the fish and chips when one of his bosses from the UK said it tasted like home. The 8-oz plank of fresh local cod is hand dredged through a batter made with Manny’s Pale Ale from Georgetown Brewing Company, not three miles away, served with sidewinder chips and a remoulade.
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Bonache Hot Sauce founder Marc Olsen had to quadruple production when he got the request to use his hot sauces for Safeco's new Swingin’ Wings. His not-too-spicy Socorro hot sauce is focused on flavor and used in the coating for the classic wings.
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A New Mexico native, Olsen loves green chili and was missing that taste of home when he created the Bonache Hatch hot sauce. Olsen went right to the source using the New Mexico Hatch chili with tomatillo and lime for this mild green sauce that’s used in the sweet tangy coating of the Honey Serrano wings.
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Not only is the salmon local and wild, but a homer towards center field would aim straight for the smoker where the fish is prepared right on the premises. The creamy, Northwest take on a New England-style chowder will be perfect for colder innings.
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These crab rolls on a soft bun are topped with plenty of shredded lettuce, tomato, and remoulade, but the focus is the local Dungeness crab meat. As Ethan Stowell describes, they’re “just stuffed with crab”.
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Oysters straight from Taylor Shellfish in Melrose Market, freshly shucked and dredged through cornmeal are also accompanied by the sidewinder fries and housemade remoulade.
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The Dirty Tots are one of chef David Dekker’s favorites. They're covered with three local staples: Carlton Farms pork belly, Bay Valley pickled peppers, and Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar.
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Lemon Tart from Hot Cakes Desserts in Ballard.
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Salted Caramel from Hot Cakes.
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S'mores without the mess, from Hot Cakes.
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