Mission Statement

Smart. Authoritative. Entertaining. With a bold design, eye-catching photography, and an editorial voice that’s at once witty and in the know, Seattle Met is our city’s indispensable news, culture, and lifestyle magazine. From newsmakers to tastemakers, we canvas Washington’s cultural capital for the people and trends that are changing the way we eat, play, dress, and think. Every month, in every issue, we deliver our signature mix of in-depth news stories, provocative essays, and essential guides to the best of the city. Our singular goal? To inspire our readers to get out and explore the vibrant and rapidly growing metropolis they call home.

Seattle Met is published by SagaCity Media Inc, a multimedia company with magazines constituting its core business. In addition to our proprietary titles, we maintain a thriving custom media and Web business. Our goal as a local media company is to create community by providing an authoritative voice and a public forum for the metropolitan areas of Seattle and Portland as well as special interest groups throughout the Northwest, from tourism to bridal and from design to golf. We are also dedicated to effecting positive change within our markets through our fundraising efforts and in-kind donations for the nonprofit community.

Seattle Met Staff

  • President & Founder
    Nicole Vogel
  • Publisher
    Alysse Bryson


  • Editor in Chief
    James Ross Gardner
  • Art Director
    Jane Sherman
  • Managing Editor
    Ariana Dawes
  • Deputy Editor
    Matthew Halverson
  • Senior Editors
    Allecia Vermillion (Food & Drink)
    Allison Williams
  • News & Politics Editor
    Josh Feit
  • Senior Writer
    Kathryn Robinson
  • Associate Editor
    Darren Davis
  • Style Editor
    Amanda Zurita
  • Assistant Editors
    Angela Cabotaje (Home)
    Seth Sommerfeld (Arts)
  • Associate Art Director
    Sara D'Eugenio
  • Web Producer
    Alison Klein


  • Production Manager
    Mary Bradford
  • Production Coordinator
    Keegan O'Connor


  • Senior Account Executives/National
    Cameron McKinley, Sonny Morris
  • Account Executives
    Brandy King-Mason, Erin McCutcheon
  • Marketing & Events Director
    Libby Kindle
  • Marketing Designer
    Kristen Brooks
  • Senior Advertising Coordinator
    Danielle Williams
  • Advertising Coordinator
    Elizabeth Loori
  • Receptionist/The Met Pages Assistant
    Jordan Huegli

Sagacity Media Inc. Staff

    President & Founder
  • Nicole Vogel
  • SVP, Editorial & Operations
  • Bill Hutfilz
  • Director of Digital & Print Publishing
    Claire McNally
  • Audience Development Director
    Dana Such
  • Audience Development Manager
    Becca Hersh
  • Audience Development Assistant
    Michele Harman
  • Digital Sales & Promotions Coordinator
    Nina Feldman
  • Newsstand Consultant
    Alan Centofante
  • Controller
    Kelly Faccone
  • Senior Accountant
    Annie Mengis
  • Accountants
    Jason Fong, Heather Goguen, Ashley Nelsen
  • Accounting Assistant
    Kevin Cook
  • Director of I.T.
    Jimmy Fecteau
  • I.T. Specialist
    Jesse Arguello

Custom Media Staff

    • Vice President
      Jeff Adams
    • Account Executives
      Colleen Bagdon, Stephanie Ducharme, Lysa Hansen
    • Senior Advertising Coordinator
      Danielle Williams
    • Advertising Coordinator
      Elizabeth Loori
    • Senior Editors
      Angela Cabotaje, Julie Case
    • Art Director
      Samantha Wagner

Regional Sales Office

  • Hawaii
    Debbie Anderson