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Morning Fizz

Negative Ads, Negative Balance Sheets, and Negative Emails

Walkinshaw versus Jayapal, Hansen's taxes, and opponents of a safe heroin site.

9:13am By Josh Feit

Taco Dispatch

Manu Alfau's Pioneer Square Taco Stand Is Here

Manu's Bodega spins off a two-tiered taco sibling. Meet Manu's Tacos.

9:10am By Allecia Vermillion

Sight Unseen

It's Lights Out for Nube

Starting Halloween night, Capitol Hill store Nube will go completely dark for a lights-out shopping experience.

8:22am By Colleen Williams

The Weekend Starts... Now

The Top Things to Do This Weekend: October 27–30

Joel McHale and Nick Offerman bring their comedic tomes to town, John Cleese and Eric Idle team up at the Moore, and Hilary Hahn shows off her violin virtuosity.

8:00am By Seattle Met Staff


White Guys Sit Back as Candidates of Color Go At It

Walkinshaw ad ignites tense back and forth.

10/26/2016 By Josh Feit