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Thumbnail for - The Mobile Food Rodeo Returns
Apr 17, 2014
Two days, two locations, and lots of tacos.
Thumbnail for - A Status Report on 31 Upcoming Bars and Restaurants
Apr 16, 2014
Pizza, cocktails, fine dining, and an unusual number of mezzanines.
Thumbnail for - Flying Squirrel Pizza Company Is Opening in Georgetown
Apr 15, 2014
And this time, there's lunch.
Thumbnail for - Downtown's New Elysian Bar Sounds Pretty Damn Great
Apr 14, 2014
The hiring of Murray Stenson was the first clue that the brewery's latest project isn't a pub.
Thumbnail for - Shibumi Izakaya and Corretto Open Today on Capitol Hill
Apr 10, 2014
Pine Street gets an izakaya with a ramen bar; the former Panevino on Broadway matches pasta with coffee and cocktails.
Thumbnail for - New Owners and a New Chapter for the Admiral Benbow
Apr 9, 2014
The neighborhood landmark is becoming a "legit West Seattle music venue" with equally legit craft cocktails.
Thumbnail for - Ma'ono Chef Mark Fuller Is Doing the Food at the Rhino Room
Apr 2, 2014
Why yes, his fried chicken will be there.
Thumbnail for - The Pastry That Must Not Be Named
Apr 1, 2014
Seattle bakers brave enough to riff on this labor-intensive treat have come up with their own monikers.
Thumbnail for - Flour to the People
Apr 1, 2014
Meet Seattle's best new confectioners.
Listing 1 - 10 of 926 Results