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The Best Amenities Found in Fancy RVs

Certain additions can make an RV feel better than home.

By Allison Williams Published in the Spring 2021 issue of Seattle Met

Image: Cody Muir

  1. Built-In Vacuum
    Centralized cleaning setups store the dirt canister out of sight, with only a hose—that can extend 35 feet—emerging from a wall. Also available: Built-in dustpans, little slots along the baseboard that open with a toe nudge so dirt is instantly swept out of sight.
  2. Wine Fridge
    Full-size refrigerators, offering as much as 18 cubic feet of chill space, are old news; wine-specific units maintain cool temperatures for up to six bottles so the next chardonnay is always at the ready.
  3. Heated Floor
    Like a car’s heated seat writ large, radiant systems can warm the floors or even walls of an RV, powered by battery. Some systems pump a hot water and glycol mix through pipes to guarantee cozy toes.
  4. Outdoor TVs
    While flat-screen 4K LED televisions have become standard inside upscale vehicles, the new standard involves at least one on the exterior. Besides alfresco movie nights, they can offer entertainment when cooking in, yes, a built-in outdoor kitchen.
  5. Rainfall Shower
    Besides making an RV resemble a spa, some aftermarket showerheads can help reduce water use (especially important when one has to drain your own water tanks). Other options include a handheld unit— important in what’s usually a narrow space.
  6. Washer and Dryer
    Some Capitol Hill apartments can’t even tout the cleaning power of the biggest rigs. Units work best at campsites with direct water hookups and handle smaller loads than a laundromat might. Off-the-grid RV travelers can make do with hand-cranked washers.
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