Morning Fizz

Numbers About Health Care, the Homeless Crisis, Zoning, and Amazon

San Francisco mayor visits Seattle University to discuss the homeless crisis.

01/12/2017 By Josh Feit

Afternoon Jolt

O'Brien, Council Quietly Put Changes to Single-Family Zones Back on the Agenda

O’Brien amendment seeks to allow more density in single-family neighborhoods.

09/25/2015 By Josh Kelety

Afternoon Jolt

Murray Folds on Single Family Zoning Changes, Undermines Own Credibility as Consummate Deal Maker

Murray says he's dropping proposal to seek code changes in single family zones

07/29/2015 By Josh Feit

Morning Fizz

Hella HALA Fallout: Candidates React to Mayor's Affordable Housing Recommendations

With upzones and code changes, Mayor's plan definitely alters all single family zones

07/14/2015 By Josh Feit

Afternoon Jolt

Suprise! Support for Zoning Changes Now Running Even with Anticipated Negative Backlash

Judging from emails to the mayor, support for zoning changes is trending

07/10/2015 By Josh Feit


Initial Emails to Mayor Mostly Oppose Zoning Change

Earnest emails to mayor debate big proposal

07/08/2015 By Josh Feit

Morning Fizz

Council Looks at Putting Homeless in Residential Neighborhoods, Now How About Homes?

Caffeinated news featuring a council challenge to the the sacrosanct single-family zone. Kinda.

03/31/2015 By Josh Feit