Critic's Notebook

How Restaurant Criticism is Done

This week’s New Yorker profiles Pete Wells.

09/12/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Which 2 Seattle Restaurants Showed Up on This National List?

Plus: Throwing a little gas on the age-old Portland vs. Seattle rivalry.

07/28/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Restaurants Pay to Get Reviewed, Right?

And other myths about how we roll here in the restaurant critic department.

02/12/2015 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Why Anonymity Matters

Restaurant critics are revealing their identities left and right. Why I’m not.

02/03/2014 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Death to Michelin!

The new issue of 'Vanity Fair' chews up and spits out the world’s premier guide to haute cuisine—which has made noises about coming to Seattle.

10/22/2012 By Kathryn Robinson

Critic's Notebook

Can a Restaurant Serving Mediocre Food be Worth Visiting?

Weirdly, yes. I dined at three of them last week.

08/06/2012 By Kathryn Robinson


Is the Era of the Anonymous Restaurant Critic History?

A few Seattle restaurateurs weigh in.

02/23/2011 By Kathryn Robinson


The Barons of Breakfast

A chat with Seattle’s reigning maestros of the morning meal, Jeremy Hardy and Peter Levy, co-impresarios of Chow Foods.

06/16/2009 By Kathryn Robinson