News Roundup

The Week in Review

A very unpopular Republican health care plan falters, a citywide paid maternity leave plan for Seattle, and a Washington State Supreme Court Justice’s concerns with federal immigration agents near courtrooms.

03/24/2017 By Josh Kelety

Olympia Dispatch

Paid Family Leave: Meanwhile, in the Washington State Legislature

(Maybe) this will be the year a bipartisan effort gets Washington paid leave for new parents.

02/15/2017 By Rianna Hidalgo


Will Paid Family Leave Become a Reality in Seattle?

City employees have it; now council member Lorena González sets sights on paid family leave in the private sector.

02/14/2017 By Rianna Hidalgo

Morning Fizz

Labor Groups Gear Up for Statewide Minimum Wage Campaign

Ballot initiatives for 2016 and liberals against taxes.

12/28/2015 By Josh Feit

Morning Fizz

Council Passes Budget After Skirmish Over Sawant Amendment to Expand Parental Leave

Sawant lone no vote as council passes budget.

11/24/2015 By Josh Kelety