Just around the block from its original location, Glasswing Greenhouse focuses on floral and plant design.

When shopping for greenery, go to the neighborhood that best describes your plant-growing situation. If you have a backyard or a spacious sunroom, seek large, hearty outdoor varieties at nurseries in residential areas. (They'll also have the soil and tools you’re looking for.) Outfitting the windowsills of a teeny Seattle apartment? Head to Ballard and Capitol Hill. —Anne Dennon

Glasswing Greenhouse

This offshoot of the Melrose Market stalwart has all the same cool friend vibes, but with infinitely more plants and florals lining its front windows. Come for the build your own stem station and workshops, or to pick up a towering California fan palm or bundles of poppies, roses, and anthuriums. Rotating kitchenware and clothing make an appearance too. 1351 E Olive Way, Capitol Hill, 206-829-8955

Indoor Sun Shoppe

Inside the high ceilings of this indoor garden, crafty lighting replicates a multitude of climates, feeding tropicals like Dieffenbachia, shelves of succulents, easy-to-care-for air plants, and enough hanging vines to turn an apartment into an arboretum. 160 N Canal St, Fremont, 206-634-3727

Magnolia Garden Center

Like the pool of the nearby Magnolia Community Center, this spacious nursery is largely under wraps for winter. Inside the sweet-smelling, pleasantly humid shop are perfect little specimens of string of pearls and Chinese money plants, rows of colorful pots, and an air plant station. Handsome potted trees brave the weather; another indoor structure offers gifts and stationery. 3213 West Smith St, Magnolia, 206-284-1161

The Palm Room

In the glut of cute Ballard, this warm and wryly whimsical plant shop is succulent-heavy. Gather tiny classics, like porcupine-puff Mammillaria and geometric split rock, or weirdos like a dinosaur-skinned aloe hybrid. No plant is too big to be carried out. 5336 Ballard Ave NW, Ballard, 206-782-7256

Plant Shop

Grab a handsome snake plant here that can live atop the side table you bought from the original Homestead vintage spot. These sister shops give the same attention to detail and care to their plants as it does to reclaimed furniture. 2202 E Olive St, Central District, 206-466-4880; 411 E Pine St, Capitol Hill, 206-466-4961

Seattle Seed Company

You can buy a potted plant. Or you can grow your own from seed. This green thumb’s haven has everything you need to learn to keep a garden year-round. Or buy something pretty (and already grown), like an Alocasia poly151 12th Ave, Ste 100, Central District, 206-395-4769

Swansons Nursery

Swansons sits on five quiet acres just south of Carkeek Park. Warm, serene glass greenhouses hold Buddhist pine and carnivorous pitcher plants, macrame wall hangings, and clever pots. In one, there’s a coffee stand and a pond of enormous koi. Outside, thoughtfully organized trees and shrubs with detailed info cards. 9701 15th Ave NW, Broadview, 206-782-2543

Verde & Co.

Build a bouquet of dried statice, protea, and mushrooms (yes, really) or incorporate them with fresh flowers at this boutique in the massive 400 Fairview building. Classic succulent and air plant varieties line the shelves and floor too, plus pots made by local ceramist Jess Grady-Benson. For not-so-green thumbs, Verde hosts classes that vary according to the season (wreaths, bouquets, terrariums, et cetera). Pro tip: Come in Mondays and Wednesday to get first dibs from new shipments. 400 Fairview Ave N, Ste 103, South Lake Union, 206-619-7917

West Seattle Nursery and Garden Center

This spacious complex has something for every plant-related project, be it a major landscaping overhaul, home garden plot, or succulent arrangement for a friend's birthday. The gift shop is home to houseplants, terrariums, candles, and other trinkets, plus a coffee shop. And there's free delivery to West Seattle too. 5275 California Ave SW, West Seattle, 206-935-9276

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