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Gourmet Specialty Foods

Justin Marx built his own business in Seattle by supplying exotic ingredients like whole, trap-to-order wild boar and edible flower buds to restaurants, then online to culinary enthusiasts across the world. But since he kept coming across cool retail products, it only made sense to open a store in his Lower Queen Anne headquarters. The resulting parade of uncommon salts, sauces, sweets, and meats will enthrall serious cooks and dabblers alike. QR codes and plasma screens help demystify novelties like pistachio cream, Lovage Soda Syrup, ground kangaroo, and fennel crystals. The space also has a test kitchen where local chefs develop and demo recipes so customers can learn what exactly to do with products unavailable anywhere else in town. 

Marx Food

144 Western Ave. W., Seattle, WA, 98119
Queen Anne  •  206-447-1818
Mon–Thu 7am–4pm<br/> Fri 7am–3pm