Bagels, Jewish/Jewish Deli
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It’s easy to walk out of Josh Grunig’s north Seattle (Pinehurst, to be exact) deli with a bag of bagels, or a tub of deep amber–hued matzo ball soup, the likes of which could warm the soul of any curmudgeon justifiably lamenting the city’s scarcity of Jewish food. Ditto Russian-style potato salad, chopped liver (if they haven’t run out for the day), and a couple of slices of lemon zesty cheesecake. It’s all well worth schlepping. But stay to eat at one of the few tables to consume the beautiful mess that is the pastrami and corned beef sandwich on rye—yep, the very same cuts of meat you see on racks just behind the counter, prepared under Grunig’s watchful eye.

Meal Times
Breakfast, Lunch


11752 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA, 98125
Mon & Tue 10–2<br>Wed–Sun 8–3