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The pastel Newcastle strip mall storefront with the bubbling aquariums earns high marks in both its parallel universes: the Americanized one, where old General Tso finally gets the respect he deserves from the nuanced and tender fried chicken dish that bears his name, loaded with chilies and fresh vegetables, and the authentic Chinese one, which inclines toward stunning Taiwanese preparations and plenty of pork blood. Lines stretch out the door weekend nights (they only reserve for large parties); weeknight tables are more accessible.

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Yea's Wok

6969 Coal Creek Pkwy SE, Newcastle, WA, 98059
Alderbrook  •  425-644-5546
Tue–Thu 11am–9:30pm<br />Fri & Sat 11am–10:30pm<br />Sun 11am–9:30pm<br />Closed Mon