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Ever gargle molten lava? If so, the fire brew burbling in the notorious hot pot of Seattle’s most authentically Sichuan restaurant will taste familiar. There’s other Sichuan fare at this International District institution: Sauteed pork and preserved vegetables is a surprisingly light, delicate classic of the cuisine; eggplant with garlic sauce—bright with garlic, ginger, and hot soybean paste tossed with deep-fried eggplant—another delicious Sichuan specialty. The draw, though, is the communal-table hot pots spiked with flaming chilies. Dip beef, pork, tripe, lamb, tofu, and vegetables in the simmering oily broth for a leisurely meal that’s just at the delectably spicy edge of pain for your palate. The other half of the pot’s filled with a well-seasoned broth splendid for cooking the savory dumplings that make dinner complete. Parking’s a challenge; the place is hidden among the rest of Jackson Street’s culinary treasures. It’s well worth the hunt.

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Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant

1048 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA, 98104
International District  •  206-720-1690
11am–9pm daily