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Edmonds’ glee that Ryuichi Nakano has relocated here after 16 years at Kisaku in Tangletown glows like the neta that fills the glass case at his sushi counter. Sashimi is every bit as pure and stunning as you’d hope, and specialty rolls taste more inspired than overadorned, especially the crab-topped Great Pacific Northwest maki. Hot dishes like nabeyaki udon are genuinely worth pulling yourself away from the nigiri and sashimi, but then again, why not take advantage of servers who say things like “would you like to taste the difference between wild-raised and farm-raised yellowtail?” and can offer advice on which of the three available types of mackerel have the most texture. Ill-communicated, yet vital intel: The vaunted chef omakase only happens at the six seats directly in front of Nakano-san.

Meal Times
Dinner, Happy Hour


111 4th Ave North, Edmonds , WA, 98020
Daily 4pm–10pm