Image: Nami Nagasaki

Price Scale

No seating, no frills, but, yes, plentiful flavorful and portable food resides within this counter-service spot. Those in the know come for the affordable $4-ish banh mi sandwiches—the finest edible consequence of French Indochina and some of the best in the city on fresh-made baguette—filled with grilled tofu and veggies, or three kinds of ham. Others go for snacks packaged in house: shrimp spring rolls, chicken with rice, or minced pork inside steamed rice inside a banana leaf. . At $3 a pop they’re easy to eat promiscuously, which is why we know that though they’re now available all over town, the absolute best are made at Jackson Street’s Saigon Deli. 

Meal Times
Dinner, Lunch