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A sweets-and-cocktails specialist in the thick of Capitol Hill that’s all about pie. What not to bring: a party of four (I mean it’s teensy), your children (it’s licensed as a bar), a liquor snob (they don’t call these creamy cocktails rimmed in streusel Pie-tinis for nothing), or a big-dinner appetite (savory pies are limited in number, blandly spiced, and diminutively portioned). Do bring a sweet tooth, for the half-dozen-nightly varieties of dessert pie, built proudly on leaf lard crusts, which explains their extraordinary richness and flake. A second location in Ballard has a similar pie-booze lineup, similar late-night hours, a similar takeout window, even similar recipes—but it's about three times the size and able to sell whole pies.

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Dessert, Dinner, Late Night
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