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Because that’s a set of sprocket wrenches on the wall, and because it smells faintly of tire rubber—let’s just say the slightly rumpled Peloton doesn’t exactly inspire salivation. It’s a bike shop, after all, with a tire pump bolted to the sidewalk and a mechanic across from the espresso machine. But Peloton has an equally discriminating palate, thanks to co-owner McKenzie Hart, whose roasted veg hash might be a full-flowering garden of leeks, purple potatoes, cauliflower, and herbs over pine nut aioli, delicately sautéed and dotted with creamy chevre. Breakfast sandwiches on sweet whole wheat bread spill out bacon and egg yolk and arugula; densely flavorful chorizo breakfast burritos hold a city in thrall. The menu is short, smart, and maintained as carefully as the bike chains, with Slate Roasters coffee and local craft beers for waiting out a tuneup. All with a heaping side of Peloton’s most cutting-edge specialty: excellence, unexpected.

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Breakfast, Coffee, Dinner, Happy Hour, Lunch
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1220 E Jefferson, Seattle, WA, 98122
Central District  •  206-569-4265
Tue–Fri 8am–9pm<br> Sat 10am–5pm<br> Sun & Mon closed