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Many cuisines have a dumpling—xiao long bao, gyoza, pizza rolls, if we’re playing fast and loose with the term—and those from mother Russia are no less delectable. Pelmeni from this particular Pacific Northwest chainlet are as uncomplicated or elaborate as you’d like them to be. The “Traditional” is the purist’s go-to choice, simply prepared with butter, sour cream, and a splash of vinegar, while the similarly spartan “Classic,” adds a few hearty dashes of curry powder and Tzar red sauce (a spicy vinegar dressing—get extra because this stuff is damn-near drinkable). The menu gets only more pumped up from there (“mac” and cheese dumplings, Greek-styled dumplings, and there’s often a special rotating iteration). Happy hour is solid. Oh, and always order more sour cream, you’ll thank us later.

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Dinner, Late Night, Lunch
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Dumpling Tzar Capitol Hill

1620 12th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98122
Alderbrook  •  206-466-6561
Daily 11am–2:30am

Dumpling Tzar Fremont

3516 Fremont Place, Seattle, WA, 98103
Daily 11am–2:30am