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Honestly, the concept sounded harrowing: Street foods from cultures around the globe. But what rang like a recipe for amateur hour has become an inspiring Capitol Hill nosh stop, whose atmosphere—right down to the tchotchke-stuffed wall shelves, evocative of street markets across the developing world—irresistibly conjures humid equatorial back streets and the surprises they conceal. The small-plate menu reflects techie entrepreneur/insatiable traveler Chris Cvetkovich’s global roamings—Cubano sandwiches, Malaysian prawns, Vietnamese spinach-herb salad, Szechuan chicken wings—and they can be glorious, like a mellow Trinidadian goat curry, or the fish-and-fry-bread sandwiches, Shark and Bake, sold from huts on Caribbean beaches. Given the breadth of the cuisines covered, the vividness and precision at Nue are unlikely surprises; techniques like sous vide and liquid nitrogen even make appearancesthe latter for super silken ice creams. But what will bring you back are the cravings. Because seriously, those grilled Barbados pig tails in jerk glaze…

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1519 14th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98122
Capitol Hill  • 
Mon–Wed 5pm–10pm<br>Thu & Fri 5pm–11pm<br>Sat 10am–11pm<br>Sun 10–10