Italian, Sandwiches/Deli
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At Cafe Lago’s new spin-off Italian market in Portage Bay, the deli case bursts with meat, cheese, and soon owner Carla Leonardi’s pasta, while shelves offer groceries both aspirational (fancy pasta) and functional (chips, carrots, toothpaste). Meanwhile, at the long butcher block counter, a gleaming espresso machine does its thing by day, couples perch on tall stools near the open kitchen to drink wine and await their pizza or rotisserie chicken by night. Families vie for the handful of larger tables by the window. Little Lago definitely isn’t a restaurant, but the neighborhood can’t get enough of the food. 

Meal Times
Breakfast, Lunch

Little Lago

2919 Fuhrman Ave E, Seattle, WA, 98102
Montlake  •  206-922-3324
Mon–Thu 8–8<br> Fri 8am–9pm<br> Sat 7am–9pm<br> Sun 8am–7pm