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If you’re a longtime local yearning for the Seattle of yore, a trip to Larsen’s Bakery can assuage any nostalgic pang. While it is famous for its authentic Danish kringle (a pretzel-shaped pastry with a flaky crust and rich almond filling), an endless variety of confections lurks behind Larsen’s long countertop. Delicacies range from old-school American classics (black-and-white cookies, red velvet cupcakes) to Scandinavian specialties like savory-sweet cardamom bread, featuring poppy seeds and a dusting of crunchy sugar.

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Larsen's Danish Bakery

8000 24th Ave NW, Seattle, WA, 98117
Ballard  •  1-800-626-8631
Mon–Fri 5:30am–7:30pm <br /> Sat 5:30am–7pm <br /> Sun 6:30am–6pm