Pan Asian
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A flight belowground, fittingly bricked and mortared, stocked with a bar and a satisfying menu—and about as intense a sense of cozy as one can find in this town. If a measure of a restaurant’s success is the extent to which place matches plates, Kraken scores big. Kraken offers some seven congees daily along with small plates and wok fries. It’s all, to a dish, marked by serious intention from very smart culinarians, and some of the best bang-for-buck creative value Seattle’s got going right now. For dessert, the purple disc of ube cheesecake offers light, almost frothy textured richness over a coconut-graham crust atop a drizzle of mango sauce. It’s lush, globally inspired, gastronomically intriguing—and, like everything else at Kraken, just what you want to eat in fall.

Meal Times
Brunch, Dinner, Lunch