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According to Denver press accounts, when Marco Casas-Beaux cheffed a prominent Italian restaurant there he used four different names, claimed to be from Italy, and generally left heads spinning and shaking. Here in Seattle he started popular Southwestern (Cactus) and Argentinian (Buenos Aires Grill) restaurants, a since-departed tapas bar (Madrid 522), and IPANEMA BRAZILIAN GRILL, a churrascaria where meat has a leading role but the chorus of olive oil–dredged grilled veggies—crunchy asparagus, finger-size eggplant, golden beets, green and yellow summer squash, oyster and shiitake mushrooms—are the real stars of the show.

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Ipanema Brazilian Grill

1225 First Ave, Seattle, WA, 98101
Downtown Seattle  •  206-957-8444
Mon&ndash;Thu 11&ndash;2, 5&ndash;10 <br /> Fri 11&ndash;2, 5&ndash;10:30 <br /> Sat & Sun 11&ndash;3, 5&ndash;10:30