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For the uninitiated, ube sounds more like a car-sharing app than the sweet, violet yam that it is. Yet, it’s the exact ingredient that helped amass a cult following for Hood Famous Bakeshop, a small, subterranean bakery off Shilshole Avenue in Ballard. Owner Chera Amlag bakes cheesecake, but tempers its classic Americana with a Filipino touch. She makes them with ube, which lends its jewel-toned hue and subtle, earthy sweetness to baked goods. The result, a perfect specimen of Instagram bait that’s topped with ripples of ube jam and sits on a coconut-butter biscuit crust. In 2016, Amlag opened a permanent home for her heretofore “hood famous” cheesecakes, which these days are known citywide. She bakes a whole slew of flavors beyond the signature ube that are rooted in the Filipino palate: white chocolate with rosy-pink swirls of guava, mango with calamansi (ubiquitous citrus in the Philippines squeezed onto just about anything), and a whole lineup of other non-cheesecake delights.

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