Image: Nelle Clark

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If restaurateur Gary Snyder hadn’t had such screaming success peddling french toast and Bloody Marys at Geraldine’s Counter by day (see above), he might never have imagined a quality, family-friendly spot to stuff those same appetites with burgers and Manhattans by night. The midcentury-styled Heyday takes its job as dinnertime default for its Mount Baker-Leschi Ridge neighbors very seriously, offering affably snappy service, intelligent cocktails (adult milkshakes!), appealingly vegetal sides, fine Kennebec fries, and a lineup of eight-or-so original burgers, like one with a bison patty, bittersweet interplays of radicchio, red onion, maple syrup, Beecher’s sharp cheddar, and mustard seed sauce. If you can’t taste every element every time—come back tomorrow and you will.

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